CPE used in rubber

CPE can be processed in all conventional rubber processing equipments, can be vulcanised by chemical cross link and
physic cross link (irradiation) .
CPE mechanical properties and cost effective compare with other chlorine based rubbers.
CPE mainly used for hoses in critical area, cable outer jacketing / sheathing for welder, coal mines, and marine ,also
foam, seals and other rubber products require resistance to aging, weather, ozone, heat, flame.

CPE features:

Tensile; > AND =8 Mpa higher than most synthetic rubbers.
Thermal stability: 200’degree’C working temperature 150’C
Cold temperature: -35’C
Tear(twist): best among all rubber
Chemical resistant; excellent resistance to acid, alkali, oxidation and corrosive
Oil; better than all rubber other than nbr
Filler; accept high filler level
Flame; good .
Waterproofing: yes and similar to IIR and CSM
Compatibility: double parlor can be blended with other rubber or plastic at any ratio.

CPE blending with other rubbers:

CPE or CM ideally used for mixing with other rubbers to reduce production cost,
CPE or CM rubber chemical resistance better than EPDM, NBR, SBR.
CPE or CM heat resistance better than Butyl , CR,EPDM,NR,NBR,SBR.
CPE or CM oil resistance better than Butyl , CR, EPDM, NR , SBR.
CPE or CM flame resistance better than EPDM,NBR
CPE or CM ozone resistance better than CR,NBR
CPE /NR; improving tensile, tear strength, aging,chemical and flame resistance .
CPE /SBR improving strength, aging,ozone, oil resistanceand better appearance.
CPE/NBR improving aging, ozone and physical properties, can use the same vulcanization material. i.e peroxide
CPE/EPDM improving extrusion flow, adhesiveness , tensile(vulcanized) and abrasion. and cost effective can be cured
same time with peroxide.
CPE/CR more cost effective, when blending CPE/CR ozone , strength improved but hardness increased but oil resistance reduce.
CPE/CSM effective and easy processing

    CPE used in hard and soft waterproofing,when end product required resistance to weather,aging,fire, oil,chemical,
ozone,commonly used for geomembrane,protective clothing and glove,singleply roofing,film.chemical tank liner,shower pan,waterproofing liner for reservoir and golf course,paint for containers and ship.insulation roofing.
  CPE 422 used in Shower Pan Liner and membrane  
    Chlorinated polyethylene can be used as either a thermoplastic or thermoset.It is a tough chemical and oil-resistant material and makes an excellent jacket for industrial control cable.As a thermoset,it can be used as an oil resistant cord jacket. Other outstanding properties
include low water absorption and superior crush resistance, which are important attributes in industrial control applications. cpe low water absorption and resistance to weather,fire,oil,chemical,ozone, good colour retention mainly used for cable jacketing .unlike other material
like ploychloroprene and nitrile in black colour cpe cable can be coloured for different functions and yet easy to distinguished.other materials like SBR and polysicoprene even cloured in black if it exposed under sunlight very easy lose its function due to aging and ozone factors. As for heat resistance, ploychloroprene and nitrile is better than SBR and polysicoprene,but cpe is better than all of the above materials plus flame retardant.cpe used for insulation and jacketing for Utility Power Cable(up to 35kv),Portable Power Cable,Industrial (600V),Flexible Cord (600V), auto cables,outdoor air-conditioner cables,instrumentation cables.
  Our cm 352 in control cable jacketing    
     cm352 in welding cable thermoset cpe jacketPower  
  Control Tray Cable  



  cpe352 outer jacket    cm352 bolend with epdm for
    insulation and sheath .
      Hosing-high pressure hoses,auto air conditioner hoses, filler neck, emission hose, high and lower pressure Power Steering and Oil Cooler Hose,Radiator/Heater Hose, Air Intake Ducts,SOLAR ENERGY TUBE,FREON HOSE,FIRE HOSE, hydraulic hoses,fuel hoses for critical applications, diversified temperatures properly formulated temperature range from –40’C to 160’C.Industrial rollers-cpe is elastic,abrasion and chemical resistant in alltemperatures make cpe ideal material for rollers. INDUSTRIAL ROLLER,OA ROLLER, PRINT ROLLER.CHLORINATED POLYETHYLENE ( CPE ) industrial hoses, auto hose,fuel hoses CHLORINATED POLYETHYLENE ( CPE ) for conveyer belt for coal mineCHLORINATED POLYETHYLENE ( CPE ) magnetic rubber like refrigerator door seals, fridge magnet,CPE excellenthigher filler acceptance.  
  Cpe352 used in Stainless
Steel Braided Hose
Cpe 352Radiator Hose  
  Cpe352 in chemical
Cpe352L in Radiator Hose  
  Cpe352 Fuel hose   C1T 1 Wire Braid Hose    
      Cpe is elastic,abrasion and chemical resistant in all temperatures make cpe ideal material for rollers. INDUSTRIAL ROLLER, Or ROLLER, PRINT ROLLER.Our cm 422 in printing rollers.  
      Cpe422 used in conveyer belt for coal mine.  
      Magnetic rubber like refrigerator door seals  
  our 6135A as cost effective alternative to santoprene    
  in gasket fridge magnet    
  fridge magnetic insert    
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