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CPE packed in 20’FCL and 40’FCL quantities palletized
1.For one 20-feet container: 15 mts,1.5 mts /pallet. 60 bags /pallet. 25 kgs/ bag. total 600 bags.( 10 pallets )
2. For one 40-feet container: 24 mts,1.2 mts/pallet.48 bags/pallet.25 kgs/bag.total 960 bags, (20 pallets.)

for non palletized in 20'FCL 18mts 720bags and 40'FCL 24mts 960 bags.
the cheapest and best way and price is loose packed in 20'FCL 18mts ( we highly recommand this one for countries unloading labours are cheap)

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